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About Francesca


 Francesca Profili



I'm a Canadian artist of mainly Italian descent. I come from a multi-cultural family of creative, self-taught artists with many natural talents. My parents and paternal grandparents were fashion designers.


A self-taught artist myself, my artwork includes a broad range of mediums from fine art paintings and murals to pen and ink cartoon illustrations. However, I prefer to express my creativity mainly through my hand painted, mask-shaped sculptures using techniques I developed myself.


I love writing stories about the subjects that inspire me and I'm forever experimenting and combining all sorts of materials that I incorporate in my creations. I also enjoy playing with photos of my artwork and creating new images with my digital skills that I then offer as art prints on canvas that you can order online on my website.


I have a degree in Urban Economic Geography from McGill University and I worked in many fields: as a commercial artist in an advertising firm, a talk show host for CHIN Radio and Television in Toronto, a mediator for landlord and tenant disputes at the Ontario Residential Tenancy Commission, a cartographic toponymist and then a compensation policy analyst at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.


After leaving my career in the public service, I moved to the province of British Columbia where I exhibited my artwork in both private and public galleries as well as in a Canadian museum where I had a solo show for 3 months.


My husband and I owned and operated Dreamscapes Gift Gallery, an award winning gift gallery for 15 years (where I also sold my artwork). My original mask sculptures, paintings and art prints on canvas are in numerous private collections in North America, Europe, Russia and Australia. I also created and published an art book entitled:"On the Face of the Waters".


I currently live in Sidney, B.C. (on Vancouver Island) Canada.