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Why Lady Luck is... a bat!


In our Western tradition Lady Luck is the personification of Good Fortune. Bats on the other hand, are associated with evil, dark and repulsive things.


In Chinese culture bats are good luck because the word “fu” in their language means both bat and happiness.That is why Chinese art abounds with images of bats. Bats depicted upside down mean that good fortune has arrived. The Wu Fu, or Five Bats of Happiness stand for the Five Blessings: long life, love, health, wealth and a natural death.


In the past, misguided and superstitious people killed millions of bats, yet, the reality is that bats truly do bring us a wealth of abundance, wealth and prosperity because they are the most important natural pollinators of at least 500 species of plants and without them people would not enjoy delicious, healthy and lucrative crops of bananas, cashews, mangoes, dates, figs and much more.


Bats also rid us of pesky or harmful insects by consuming them by the ton. Bats have been much maligned as carriers of rabies: in fact far more people die from dog bites or bee stings than by the rarely occurring bite of a sick bat.

I like the image of the bat as Lady Luck because to me it is a very apt representation of the upside-down world of the batty lady who is supposed to bring us luck. Sometimes, what you may think is a dream come true turns out to be a nightmare and what you perceived to be a terrible misfortune, turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to you.


A shower of riches may bring dissension, resentment and greed where there was once harmony. Conversely, a terrible accident or some other mishap may draw out of you unknown inner resources, bring you closer to someone or make you see opportunities you never considered before or motivate you in a direction that changes the course of your life and benefit your life as well as many other people’s.


Is Lady Luck blind as a bat? Some species of bats have very sharp eyesight while others rely on a sophisticated form of sonar, but as for Luck, she may well be blind because if you want her to find you, it is up to you to place yourself in her path to maximize your chances of being found!


 © Francesca Profili 2015

Print on canvas 19.63 x 31.5 inches (49.8 x 80 cm)


Price: $230 USD stretched (on 1.5" stretchers) or $176 USD rolled.


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