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It is said that in the eight century, a Japanese monk once asked Zen Master Kyozan to express the essence of enlightenment on paper. Kyozan used a single broad brushstroke to draw a circle, an enso. The drawing of an enso is something that comes from deep within and it requires a perfect voiding of the mind in order to let the body create spontaneously.


Enso may be expressed as a single brushstroke or with two brushstrokes. Its lines can be thin or broad, perfectly symmetrical or lopsided and the circle may be open or closed.


Enso is also about expressing the greatest complexity with utter simplicity. What it represents is not simply defined though. It could mean the vastness of the universe that may seem empty, yet encircles the fullness of existence. Or it may be a circular symbol of the cycles of life.


A circle can be a symbol of inclusion or exclusion. An open circle on the other hand suggests that the circumscribed space is not limited, closed or inaccessible: it can receive a new flow of things and it can let out what is within.


The ultimate meaning of an enso may also be left up to the viewer. When no explanation is provided, intuition leads you to discover the meaning of Zen or enlightenment rather than being led by anybody else’s idea of what that may be.


An open circle is open to interpretation and it may also refer to what is called wabi-sabi: the beauty of things that have just the right amount and the right kind of imperfection and are thus truly perfect.


 © 2015 Francesca Profili


This print on canvas is available in two sizes: ENSO LARGE is a very dramatic, high-impact edition that has an intense effect on the space where it is placed. It's dimensions are 23.8 x 30.5 inches (60.3 x 77.5 cm). (See picture below).


PRICE: $259 USD stretched (on 1.5" stretchers) or $198 USD rolled. To buy, click here.


(Shown here is the Enso Large Edition) 


The other option is ENSO REGULAR EDITION: it is smaller and its effect a bit more subtle. It's dimensions are 17.8 x 22.8 inches (45.2 x 57.9 cm).


PRICE: $165 USD stretched (on 1.5" stretchers) or $124 USD rolled.


(Please specify which edition you prefer: ENSO LARGE OR ENSO REGULAR).


To buy, click here.


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