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Inner Source



Water in all its aspects has a powerful and universal visual vocabulary. We feel a sense of kinship with it and it speaks to us in wordless ways, easily stirring our deepest feelings.


In “Inner Source” I used the language of water to speak to the soul as well as the mind. It is an allegorical piece that uses water imagery to talk about one’s inner landscape and spiritual resources. It is about turning one’s gaze inward to discover the inner spring that is the source of strength in each one of us.


The image of a river can be seen as the passage of time and the flow of life’s ever-changing circumstances, but it also brings to mind the idea of continuity, forward movement, freedom, or breaking away from past circumstances. Water, the life-giving, regenerating substance, also evokes the feeling of clarity, of washing away impurities, or wearing down obstacles with a persistent flow, no matter how strong, or large they may be.


Water keeps things in balance for life to exists as it captures, stores and then releases the energy, brilliance and warmth of the sun. To represent this, I included a pyrite sun and a spray of pyrite fragments on the cedar “body” of my piece . This is also like a glowing centre where the heart (the emotions) are released and connect with the head (the mind) to balance reason with feelings and intuition.


I added the image of an eagle to my waterscape because eagles are associated with water as they feed and nest near rivers and lakes. They also represent strength and courage because they can soar higher than other birds and know how to use storm winds to lift themselves above dangerous weather conditions. The eagle stands as a reminder that life’s challenges sometimes require a bird’s eye’s view: as one steps back from a situation, things become clearer.


When blinding tears flow from your eyes, look inside to seek strength and clarity: your inner source always has unexplored depths.


© Francesca Profili 2015


Print on canvas: 15 x 37 inches (39 x 94 cm)


Price: $207 USD stretched  (on 1.5" stretchers) or $156 USD rolled. To buy, click here.


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