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Just Water



Just water, please! That is what we say when we decline other beverages to quench our thirst. We think of water as something plain and tasteless, but humble as she may seem, water is anything but simple and her transparent purity conceals an invisible world.


Formless, water takes the shape of your glass as you swallow her, but she can also be the tsunami that swallows you. Colorless or colorful, simple or complex, silent or musical, beneficial or lethal, creative or destructive, seemingly common and ubiquitous yet also precious and rare, she is eternally the same, yet ever changing.


This great illusionist magnifies things as you hold your glass, bends the light, creates rainbows, disappears down your throat and reappears in your breath on a cold winter morning as a bit of vapour that draws wild gardens on your window.


Water binds herself to countless things: sometimes she carries beneficial minerals and sometimes she hides heavy metals or other contaminants that can sicken and kill us. Raging, unruly, chaotic, unpredictable and terrifying, water can also gently caress your face as a tear, a drop of sweat, or a raindrop.


Water engulfs you protectively in your mother’s womb as she blends herself with you and with all that lives. Hidden inside you, transformed or transforming, she takes on the shape of your face as well as that of countless other life forms. She is a paradox that escapes your grasp, yet stays with you quite willingly to work her magic inside you.


Seemingly restless and in constant motion, she travels in the deepest recesses of space riding on the icy tail of a comet, or hiding deep in the heart of an asteroid, then lies perfectly still on the ground at your feet, quietly reflecting the universe and inviting you to do the same.



She may appear as young and guileless as a little girl playing in rainwater puddles, but that too is just one of her disguises because this old thing is not only more ancient than life on earth, older than our sun and moon, she also plays more roles than we ever imagined.


Can we ever know her true nature, or will she remain an ever-changing mystery filled with concealed surprises? Water is a multi-facetted entity that has countless aspects, countless masks. Is there a wise old sorceress smiling knowingly behind that mask, or is that just another one of her many faces? 


© Francesca Profili 2015


Print on canvas: 16.8 x 19.7 inches (42.5 x 50.2 cm)

Price: $149 USD stretched (on 1.5" stretchers) or $113 rolled. 

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