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Still Water



Still water is a natural image that seems to be a universal source of inspiration for reflection and meditation. For instance, a 20th century German philosopher named Hans Margolius once said that: “Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world.”


His words echoed what ancient Chinese philosophers spoke about more than two thousand years ago:


Men cannot see their reflection in running water, but only in still water.” “If water derives lucidity from stillness, how much more the faculties of the mind! The mind of the sage, being in repose, becomes the mirror of the universe, the spectrum of all creation.” Zhuangzi (369 BCE - 286 BCE).


Balance is the perfect state of still water. Let that be our model. It remains quiet within and is not disturbed on the surface.” Confucius (551 BCE – 479 BCE).


A while ago I saw a Great Blue Heron land and wade through the quiet waters of a shady lily pond. It seemed to sense my collaborative mood as we both stood still, intensely aware of each other’s presence and of our surroundings, yet focused on being quiet.


The elegant, statuesque bird cast a perfect reflection upon the calm, dark, liquid surface and my busy mind grew placid and forgot to worry about past and future things as it lost itself in the spell of this moment, this image. I felt as if the heron had become the clear, peaceful, still center of my mind. The wordless serenity of this experience freed me from my tiresome, chattering inner self that constantly frets and clouds my perception of things.


Amidst the heat and turbulence of life’s noise, demands, problems, confusion, strain and frustration there is a cool, still pond in the dark recesses of your mind where you can becalm your mind, rest and refresh yourself. As you stand quietly inside your inner waters, you will find the clear reflection that cleanses the way you look at things. You will emerge from your own Still Water into a new world: the world you changed by the simple fact that you are looking at it differently, from a more tranquil point of view.


 © Francesca Profili 2015


Print on canvas: 44.6 x 27.8 inches (113.3 x 70.8 cm)

Price: $353 USD stretched (on 1.5" stretchers) or $254 USD rolled.

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