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Water's Web




One of my favourite myths is an ancient Native American story about Old Grandmother Spider spinning the world into existence and it is connected to Water, the stuff of life.


Spiders often catch water droplets at the edge of my pond as they spin their webs and there is nothing more enchanting than to see their shimmering, silky creations mirrored in those dewdrops. Water, the source of life, caught in the web of Old Grandmother Spider, the mythical creator, reflects back to her the image of what she spins: what a poetic image!


Philosophers and scientists talk about the unity of all things, the Web of Nature, the Web of Life and here is Water, this mysteriously pervasive wonder that is in us as well as in everything that lives, connecting us all, with her transparent, invisible web.


The pattern of concentric rings on a slice of cedar wood made me think of the ripple that a water droplet creates as it falls into a pond, but the connection with water is not merely a pattern association in the eye of an artist. Moisture in the soil plays a major role in shaping these tree rings, thus embedding in them a tale of how water conditions affected the plant’s native place.


I painted a water ripple on the concentric rings of that cedar wood slab and suggested in my imagery the connection with the strong yet delicate orb webs of the spiders that catch raindrops at the edge of my pond.


I am thus spinning my own story: the tale of Water’s Web. It is about another one of water’s faces, another one of her aspects in which she connects us deeply with one another, with all species and with the world as well as its past, present and future.

We are all made of waters that nourished prehistoric forests, dropped from the convulsions of primordial skies and was drunk by creatures we don’t even know existed before us.


Every day, we are restored and replenished by the same waters we share with all the animal and vegetable species we affect today and tomorrow with the tangled weave of our needs, dreams, whims and wants.


Caught in our own web of human existence we sometimes see what we spin reflected in the water we affect. We are ripples in the waters of life that can drown in our own waves. We are ephemeral droplets caught in an immense, transparent web: we quiver in fleeting moments of awareness, but as we evaporate, Water keeps on spinning its strong yet delicate web.


My tale of Water’s web is about water’s art of weaving things together, something we have yet to master.


© Francesca Profili 2015

Print on canvas: 30.5 x 33 inches (77.5 x 83.8 cm)

Price: $338 USD stretched (on 1.5"stretchers) or $253 USD rolled.
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