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What inspires me

There is no shortage of art to decorate your home with. I create art for your sacred space.


My aim is to offer you something special to help you create your special place.That is where you can go when you need to find yourself again, re-energize, seek clarity, meditate, reaffirm your goals, renew your inspiration... or simply decompress.


Perception masks reality: I paint my understanding of reality on the surface of my masks.


Nature and animals are a great source of inspiration for me and my puzzlement over "perception" is the underpinning of most of my work. 


I like to reflect on the evolution of thought, attitudes and moral values and the impact it has on how we treat everthing and everybody in the world or what we believe is our role in it.


I muse about our personal bubble of reality and what limits our imagination; the barriers we erect with our belief systems, traditions, fears and interpretations; the way we look at what's around us, but don't truly see what we're looking at until we understand it better. 


I often find inspiration and gain a better understanding of myself and the society I live in, by exploring other cultures and their history.


For instance, when I create a mask about a Native American or a Japanese story that I feel best illustrates what I want to share with my viewer, I may use elements of their style or echo their traditional masks, but it is inspiration and personal interpretation rather than imitation.


Masks can be powerful means of expression and vehicles for ideas because people all over the world naturally respond to faces. Some may find them a bit unsettling, but one of Art's greatest functions is to jolt us out of the limits of our perception. 


I speak my truth through my masks. 


Masks may be used for adornment or to alter appearances. These transformations tell stories and convey ideas. Ancient Greek and Roman theatre masks for instance, transformed an actor into a character who presented the moral idea of their dramas.


Shamans carved spirit masks representing a supernatural being since the dawn of humanity. They wore them to invoke supernatural forces and become one with them in a journey into an altered state of consciousness or vision quest.


Concealment is another function of masks: that is why some call them "false faces", symbols of deception. In fact, masks are the symbol of "Thruth Sayers". People who speak about dangerous or uncomfortable things, feel safer when their true identity is concealed. As Oscar Wilde once said: "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth."


I speak my truth through the masks I create to share with you my insights and lend you my artistic vision. I hope they will inspire you because your enjoyment and appreciation are my greatest rewards.